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Streamlining public health data processing

Public health data is often messy, heterogeneous, and siloed, and epidemiologists lack the tools and methods to efficiently turn it into meaningful intelligence that can drive timely public health action.

The Data Integration Building Blocks (DIBBs) team, formerly known as the Public Health Data Infrastructure (PHDI) project, develops open source, cloud-based tools that public health departments can integrate into their current workflows to improve data quality and reliability.

How we can help

Automate your public health data processing so you can focus on taking meaningful public health action

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers, designers, and engineers works to solve your jurisdiction's data challenges and integrate our flexible, modern tools into your existing workflows

Improve the quality and completeness of your data

Using a pipeline of modular software components known as Building Blocks, we validate, clean, standardize, and enrich your data — all while reducing the need for manual processes

Get the data that you need in the format that you want it

We want to understand your unique data needs and assess how our tooling could make your data more usable

Our pilot partners

We work with public health departments to solve their toughest data challenges

Want to connect with us?

Our team will respond to your questions or set up a time to discuss how we can support your work.